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In today's modern world, it would be difficult to find anyone that claims to be actively against racial equality and most people, regardless of skin tone, will likely tell you that they themselves abhor overt acts of racism.


Still, because it is not something that white people are likely to have ever experienced, it can be difficult to properly understand racism or to be fully supportive of those who endure its impacts.


However, just because you may never truly understand what it feels like to be oppressed, that doesn't mean that your input isn't needed. On the contrary, for true meaningful change to come about, ethnic communities need the support of great allies.

CORe welcomes all allies passionate about
supporting our cause through a variety of methods.



By educating yourself you can undo your own learned behaviours and better challenge those around you

master classes

Support the mentoring of ethnically diverse research professionals by sharing your expert knowledge and specialist skills


Become an official advocacy partner and use your platform to help spread the CORe message


The opportunity for organisations and
individuals to financially support our events, initiatives and operations


core volunteers

Work directly for CORe during evenings and weekends as part of our extended team

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