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Client Development Director


Type of Job

Full time


Southwark, UK


competitive salary & benefits

Published Date

11 February 2021

About the company is an agile, fast-paced and constantly evolving insight start-up using a mixture of machine learning tech and human analytical and creative skills to get to new thinking and ideas. Our diverse team spans a wide range of experience and backgrounds but with a shared interest in finding creative ways to reach insights for our clients and to stay at the forefront of a changing industry. Although we’re a tech company our core values are very ‘human’ – all about being sharp, playful, warm and imperfect and we’ve worked hard to create a strong feeling of community, both online and in person. Having recently celebrated our 3rd year we’ve now run over 500 projects across brand, insight and cultural challenges, working with some of the largest and most innovative companies, exploring exciting insights to identify growth opportunities.

About the role

The Client Development Director role has 2 key areas of focus:

• Own, lead and develop (building on existing relationships) a series of (c. 3-6) key client
relationships (some of our biggest clients), as well as develop some of our rising stars (c.
5-8). Working closely with the strategy teams for each client, you’ll identify and work
towards achieving growth in these key client relationships, whether that’s growing our
geographical reach, the brands we work with or the types of products and services we
deliver. You’ll be at the heart of these key relationships and have overall responsibility for
growing them

• Support, motivate and coach – with the Client & Business Development Director - the
rest of the team on those accounts that they own, lead and develop to enable them to
achieve their targets per account.


Client Planning:

• Develop a specific vison and plan quarter by quarter for the given clients
• Understand the organisational landscape within client organisations – existing
and new – to map out individuals and understand where the key opportunities
• Ensure that our CRM, HubSpot, is at the heart of building this organisational
understanding so that there’s a clear and actionable record of contacts,
relationships, activities and goals in HubSpot

Developing, Managing & Growing Client Relationships:

• Conduct creds calls and can pick up briefs and deliver proposals in a way that
is just right both for the client brief but also a really valid and rich expression
of how we can work and the work we can do
• Build really strong personal relationships with key contacts within client
organisations. The focus is not ‘sales’ but being a relationship builder and to
do that in a way that is consistent with our brand values
• Maintain regular contact and meaningful communications with key contacts
• Hunt out or spot ways in which client needs and scenarios can meaningfully
and resonantly connect with what we do and how our platform works in a way
that feels like a ‘win win’ both ways
• Be powerful and effective advocate of the work we do with client teams

Partnering with the Strategy Teams:

• Support the strategy teams in addressing more complex briefs, ensuring that
we have good quality conversations with clients, scope & price our work
effectively, and are seen as a partner/ collaborator
• Have a thorough grasp of what we do and how we work and enrol and engage
with the strategy team to build client understanding/ insights. With an agile
business, project work happens fast and it’s critical to be across the great
work that the strategy team is delivering for clients
• Spotting the themes/ opportunities emerging from our work that may drive
further client development such as Meta analysis, round tables,
workshops…creating meaningful and ‘value add’ client development
• Mentoring/ buddying with specific individuals as relevant for the given clients
and learning from their insights and building in their ideas from their live
project work and relationships
• As relevant, help to coach individuals on the strategy team to pick up client
development skills, exposure and experience

Flexible working is a core value for us and our structure allows individuals to work either from home or (when we are not in lockdown) from our co-working space in London, across the hours to meet personal and family needs. Within loosely anchored core working hours, we encourage people who work for us to find the best working structure to enable them to hit deadlines and fulfil their role.
We are committed to diverse hiring practices and fostering an inclusive workplace.

To apply, please email with your CV and tell us a bit about yourself and why this role is of interest to you. Alternatively feel free to send your application via video, collage, presentation or voice note. *please keep recordings to 2 minutes or under.

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