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Research Manager (Mixed Methods)



Type of Job

Full Time


Farringdon, London, UK



Published Date

17 February 2023

About the company

Making the complex beautifully simple

We explore how people feel, think and act in the media, entertainment and lifestyle sectors. We uncover the human stories that lie within, around and between the data, bringing clarity to the most complex problems.

Tapestry’s values

Everyone should strive to be an ambassador for Tapestry, driving the business forward and building relationships with our clients.

To do this we aim to be the following at all times, regardless of whether we are working with our clients or each other.

Inventive: We solve interesting problems in interesting ways. We’re always looking to improve our – and our clients’ - understanding of people. We will combine new approaches, techniques or technology to simplify the most complex of issues.

Curious: We are, frankly, a little bit nosey. We want to know what's happening in the world and why it happens the way it does. We're driven by finding the hidden insights and truths that lie in the gaps between data, real humans and our clients’ business.

Personable: We are good people to work with. We seek to build long term relationships with team members, research partners and clients. We are always approachable, enthusiastic, flexible and down to earth.

Smart: We like to know things and share our knowledge with others. We go deep into topics and get to the essential truth of the matter, for the benefit of ourselves and our clients. We’re not afraid to challenge our clients or ourselves, and always welcome challenging to our own thinking.

Dedicated: We want to do everything really well. We will use the talent across the company and bring in the smartest research partners to ensure we deliver something that exceeds expectations.

Supportive: We don’t run away. We'll be with you for as long as you need us, providing you with guidance, advice and direction whenever it’s required. We do this by working collaboratively, listening to input from all sides and keeping everyone updated on our progress.

About the role

Role overview

As a trusted and inspiring representative of the Tapestry brand you will be delivering on all core aspects of research studies, managing and coaching team members and maintaining close control over projects.

You will work on a wide variety of projects for our clients. Our customers know us for our tenacious attitude that provides them clarity of understanding to their research questions, as such you will have a strong aptitude in gaining information from data and numbers

The ideal candidate will share our company values, will be self-motivated and someone who takes their own development seriously. The role will develop overtime, and so will the opportunities open to you.


• Leading core aspects of our studies, applying the different research methodologies and approaches we offer, choosing and combining those which best tackle specific objectives
• Responsibility and autonomy on day-to-day client needs and project tasks. Ensuring studies run seamlessly from start to finish
• Managing and mentoring more junior team members, ensuring the high quality of their work and helping them in their progression
• You’ll help us work on responses to clients’ briefs, digging into market themes and knowledge to ensure that our project proposals are relevant and informed by as much context as possible
• Bringing this same level of knowledge and context to bear, you’ll help to write questionnaires and project plans to make sure that we are asking the most relevant questions
• You will play a major part in writing reports for our clients. Working with the entire project team to identify the themes and insights from a study
• You will attend client meetings, present sections of studies and start developing exceptional client relationships
• You will support the team and help to ensure the wider business success by working flexibly and supportively to deliver work in accordance with the needs of Tapestry.


1. Able to identify with the Tapestry values, you will be enthusiastic, highly curious with a tenacious mindset.
2. You should have a strong background in quantitative market research (or similar field), ideally having worked for 2-5 years in an agency, and be able to demonstrate a strong interest and aptitude for research.
3. Be able to take a novel approach to situations, being pragmatic and driven
4. A genuine interest in the world around you - people, their behaviours and culture.
5. Capable with numbers – though you don’t have to have a particularly mathematical background. Willing and/or able to process, reflect and understand data.
6. Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate clearly and powerfully on point.
7. Strong eye for detail, consistently produces work to exacting standards.

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