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Type of Job

Full Time


Hybrid - Remote / London


£40K - £55k DOE

Published Date

2 May 2022

About the company is an agile, fast-paced and constantly evolving cultural insights company which uses a mixture of AI tech and human analytical and creative skills to get to new thinking and ideas. Our diverse team spans a wide range of experience and backgrounds with a shared interest in finding creative ways to reach insights to stay at the forefront of a changing industry. Now, four years in, we’ve now run over 900 projects across brand, insight and cultural challenges, working with some of the largest and most innovative companies exploring exciting insights to identify growth opportunities.

About the role

WANTED beady eyed and bendy brained candidates who love to research, with several years relevant commercial experience and acumen. Think qualitative researchers, semioticians, trends analysts, ethnographers or similar. Curious about the world around, a drive to know more, who can spot patterns, interesting ideas, sparks that will set alight an opportunity for our clients. Passionate about creativity, with commercial nous and a collaborative energy.

Our Strategists work with our AI powered platform to unearth valuable insights within text and images from online content. We’re currently growing and developing this team so are on the lookout for candidates who are fascinated by new concepts, alternative thinking and are excited by the prospect of finding ways to get at these ideas via our ai platform.

Trust and autonomy - to do the work you need to do, in the best way to meet the needs of the project. Working directly with clients, to make those calls, lead projects

Support - the training and sharing that you want if you feel uncertain about anything

Compassion – a team that truly cares about you and your interests – and will work hard to find ways to bring your personal passions into your work

Super interesting projects - early stage innovation work exploring the cultural needs, conversations and nuance around surprising areas; snacking, women’s health stigmas, ethics and beauty, generational identity & many more…

Perspective – we know that work is only part of your life and we support that; each year we provide you with a ‘week of change’ where you can make full use of the AI and the time to delve into something that’s interesting & important to you, developing your personal brand

Community – we do more than just work together, we take time out of our working hours to share and learn from each other

Wrap-around care – because we genuinely do care! From standard benefits including healthcare & medical insurance through to our 24hr employee assistance program to help and guide through any of life’s stresses, to CycleSchemes, personal development, management and mentoring with ongoing support and reviews

Flexibility – work at home, work abroad*, working within our shared London workspace – we don’t mind where you do your work but we do loosely anchor our hours around the 9-5 to align with client needs

Leading edge – our award-winning work is a part of the fast-growing transformation that AI is having on the insights industry – be part of the experience and join our multicultural, diverse and growing team!

Curious? Then you know what to do


Several years relevant commercial experience and acumen.

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