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What is the mentorship programme?


The programme involves pairing up with ‘up and coming’ mentees within the industry who are at various levels in their career and helping them to achieve a specific goal to further their career journey. 


The programme also provides an avenue for ethnically diverse individuals to connect with other professionals who are like them in the industry. We encourage the sharing of knowledge, advice, connections and resources as appropriate.

How can I become a mentor?


Anybody currently working in the industry can be eligible to become a mentor. You would need to register your interest via the links below and complete a screening survey. This is then followed up with a telephone call to discuss suitability and paring before being qualified. 


We vet the mentors based on years/level of experience, what they feel they can offer the mentee and reasons why they want to be involved.

Mentorship Programme

Interested in participating in our mentorship programme?

Register your interest using the links below

The mentorship has been one of the best things I've done in my career. I've never had the opportunity to have a manager at work who is also an ethnic minority and, even though they'd try their best to understand what I was going through, I've often felt frustration that they can't relate to some of my experiences. My mentor has really helped me unpack these bits and helped to reassure me that I do have a place in this industry.
I approached the job opportunity with confidence, articulating my passion for the research industry. I excelled in both the case study and sales plan, securing an offer just a day after the interview. 
Colleagues at Work
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