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CORe x Lila Partnering on D&I Training

Colour of research are excited to be partnering up with Lila to introduce ground-breaking Diversity & Inclusion training to the Market Industry.

70% of diversity programmes in the workplace fail. Lila takes a fresh and unique approach to D&I training, providing a workplace platform taking employees on a one year digital learning journey filled with a range of bite size modules, tailored courses, and scientifically proven gamification.

Ongoing support is the key to change and as well as the learning Lila offer coaching slots, workshops, mentoring programmes and Q&As. Monthly reports of metrics using scientifically backed insights and surveys are also shared so that you are up to date with the progress your team are making on creating an inclusive company culture.

Melissa Gonsalves, Co-founder & Director of CORe says,

‘’We are excited to partner with Lila, who aim to take the overwhelm out of inclusion. This motto could not sit better for us. Since our launch, we have been inundated with D&I training requests or asked for recommendations of a training provider. We look to Lila to help answer those questions. Lila also fits in with our ethos of continuous learning, as we know that behaviour change can only come from continuous knowledge and growth. We are very pleased to have Lila join us and share our mission.’’

Shana Gujral Founder and Director of Lila talks on the partnership,

"Given the impact market research has on all business sectors, Colour of Research is the perfect partnership for Lila, as working together, we are able to reach numerous sectors simultaneously, thus compounding our ability to create more inclusive workplaces for all."

If your business is in need of D&I support, please use our trusted partners at Lila. Visit to book yourself a demo!

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