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Each one, Teach one takes round two!

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

We are excited to announce the launch of the second wave of our hugely successful Each one, Teach one mentorship programme, designed to connect and elevate people of ethnic origin within the Market research Industry.

After outstanding success from our first round, we are gearing up for the launch of our second wave after the national lockdown.

The Mentorship programme was created in 2020 to tackle the key issues of underrepresentation and lack of support for professionals of ethnic origin within the MR industry and CORe sought out to change this narrative. The programme is an opportunity for ethnically diverse professionals to benefit from the mentorship of success stories in the research industry and our mentors will help mentees further their career journeys faster through the achievement of specific, tangible goals.

The concept is based on empathy and shared experience, which is why mentees are matched with mentors who understand first-hand the unique challenges that people of colour face in this industry.

How does it work?

The mentorship programme involves being paired up with a mentor or ‘up and coming’ mentees at various levels in their career for 6 months and working together to reach their specific career goals; either by coaching, networking or providing advice based on their knowledge and expertise. The programme also provides a platform for ethnic professionals to connect and network with others who are like them. We encourage the sharing of knowledge, advice, connections and resources as appropriate.

Who can get involved?

Anybody from a Black, Asian, mixed or other ethnic background and currently working in the market research industry can be eligible to become a mentor or mentee.

Our mentees can be anyone from students studying Marketing or research related subject to mid/higher-range professionals/directors looking to progress to the next stage in their career. Our mentors are assessed based on years/level of experience, their area of expertise and the reasons why they want to be involved.

We also welcome freelancers, self-employed professionals and independent researchers.

When does it start and what are time timelines?

Applications for mentors and mentees will be taken on an ongoing basis and applicants will be notified when they have been accepted and again when they have been matched with a pair.

There are 3 intake windows each year, each lasting 6 months.

The second wave is due to start from July 5th 2021.

How can I get involved?

You would need to register your interest via the colour of research website – and complete an application form. You will then be notified of whether your application has been successful and when you have been matched with your pair.

Previous testimonials

Faraz - mentor

As a first-time mentor, I've had a very positive experience. I've been matched with a very smart, bright individual who I feel I can relate to - which is something that's obviously very important - and positively influence their career. They have changed roles in a new company and it's very rewarding from my perspective watching them flourish. It really does make me wish that I had a mentor when I was younger but this makes me feel like I am righting the wrongs of my career in a way!

Rohan – Mentee

I've found the CORe mentorship programme absolutely invaluable. You did a really great job of matching me up with someone who has very similar interests to myself, both in and out of work.

Though I've only known my mentor for a few months now and we haven't actually met in person yet, he has done a great job mentoring me in many areas and we've been on quite a journey already.

When we first spoke I was a furloughed employee up in Newcastle and he gave me support in interviewing and I'm now working as a Research Analyst at a company called ORB International in London.We have weekly chats which has been really helpful for me in getting accustomed to this new role and city, again you've done a really great job matching us up and just super grateful this scheme exists and for my mentor for giving up his time to me

Carlene - Mentee

I'm very happy with my pairing. My mentor has been really supportive and helped me tackle some immediate challenges as well as helped steer me in what I'm looking for in the future. She has been using as many tools available to her as possible and I really feel supported and that I've got someone who is rooting for me.

My mentor has made herself completely available and I'm really glad that I signed up to the scheme.

Thank you CORe so much for all that you are doing, I'm sure I'm not the only one that really appreciates the light that you've shone on an issue that has long plagued many industries.

For more information on the mentorship programme and CORe in general please visit Follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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