How do Black employees feel in the workplace?

By Daniel Garcia, Savanta Senior Consultant

In 2020, the world heard cries for racial justice and accountability following the death of George Floyd. Brands and employers witnessed worldwide demonstrations demanding the equal treatment of Black people.

Then, on January 6th, the country watched largely white extremists (domestic terrorists) enter the Capitol Building largely unopposed by law enforcement during an insurrection. Just months before, during BLM demonstrations, protestors that even got close to federal property were met with tear gas and rubber bullets.

This disheartening double standard was on full display and further saddened Black people and people of color in our country and further highlighted the work our country has to do for racial equality. As we process the events of this past year, it’s time for everyone to take action. Everyone can take part, especially businesses and organizations.

Savanta’s new report, Black Lives Matter: Everywhere, Amplifying the voices of minorities in the workplace, uncovers what Black employees and employees of color need to succeed. It illustrates the microaggressions happening to them in the workforce and outlines what actions they expect employers to take since the BLM movement erupted over the summer.

What do BIPOC employees hope to see from employers?

  • Representation. 45% want to see more diverse leadership teams. They believe that true Diversity & Inclusion is only possible with a change in business leadership.

  • Training. Only 54% of BIPOC employees trust that their company cares about diversity and inclusion training.

  • Integrity. Stand up for Black Lives. 30% report feeling disappointed in their employer’s response to the BLM movement.

  • Respect. 26% of BIPOC employees are considering leaving their current employer.

The research also shows that brands need to be anti-racist publicly. BIPOC consumers pay attention to which brands speak out against racial injustice and what political campaigns they support financially.

What’s important to BIPOC consumers?

  • Advocacy. More than 30% of BIPOC consumers are unlikely to continue doing business with a “silent brand.” Now more than ever, silence is deemed complicit.

  • Political affiliation. Many BIPOC consumers care about politics. Over 50% feel that a brand’s contributions to political campaigns affect their business with them.

Black Lives Matter: Everywhere, Amplifying the voices of minorities in the workplace, is a comprehensive report that reveals the truth about what BIPOC consumers expect from the brands they support.

Find out what other actions employers and brands need to take by downloading the full report.


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