Meet 30 Black Owned Businesses You Can Support In 2021

This year we have seen an unprecedented amount of focus on the Black community in various countries around the world after the tragic death of George Floyd. There has been significant support across business, politics, and media however to drive the equality desired many of these efforts will have to continue beyond 2020.

One of the most impactful ways to positively impact these communities is through supporting businesses founded by black founders who can then positively impact their communities. Alongside Raphael Sofoluke, Founder and CEO of the UK Black Business Show, I have selected 30 Black-owned businesses—across a range of industries and sizes—positioned to grow and do well in 2021 that you can support.

Afrocenchix Founders



Award-winning Afro Hair Care brand using natural and ethical ingredients.

Founder of Alaran



Luxury home fragrance brand selling hand poured scented candles created using traditional artisan techniques.

Bebegarcon team



Unique streetwear fashion brand founded by four friends after an unexpected event during university.

Founders of Belovd

Belovd Agency


Belovd agency is a DEI and representation partnership, providing education, training and strategy for the advancement of all intersections of humanity in the workplace.

Benjart models



Benjart is a premium UK street fashion company with strong local roots and global appeal

Founders of Black Ballad

Black Ballad


Black Ballad is a media and data company for black women in Britain and beyond

Founder of Black Girl Gamers

Black Girl Gamers


An award winning community based platform that advocates for diversity, inclusion and equity in the Gaming industry.

Byooti Co-Founders



Subscription box of hair, skin and wellness treats.

Founder of Casey Elisha Books

Casey Elisha Books

London based children's author, best known for her debut title, Love Thy Fro, focusing on enhancing diversity in children's literature.

Founders of Clamp Agency

Clamp Agency


Clamp Digital Agency is an innovative powerhouse creating contemporary phygital and digital experiences.