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UK – The Market Research Society (MRS) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with diversity awareness group Colour of Research (CORe) to strengthen collaboration between the two organisations.

CORe was founded in June 2020 to address and raise awareness of the lack of ethnic minority representation in the research industry.

The MoU represents MRS’s formal recognition of CORe as its network of choice for addressing the lack of diversity in the sector, and both organisations will begin work on a combined sustainable inclusion programme.

CORe will support MRS in producing guidance on how research is conducted and help promote best practice as part of the relationship between the two organisations.

A mentoring programme called ‘Each one, Teach One’ is being created by CORe, which will complement MRS’s existing mentoring work, and CORe is also supporting MRS’s development of an apprenticeship scheme for the industry.

CORe will also help MRS on achieving its goal of having 15% of all speakers at MRS events coming from an ethnically diverse background.

Jane Frost, chief executive of MRS, said:“MRS believes that successful networks are rooted in the communities they serve. This is just one reason why we are proud to be endorsing the founders of CORe and the network’s ambitious goals.

“MRS has been driving a comprehensive diversity and inclusion programme under the banner of ‘opportunity for all’ for three years. Attracting and supporting more ethnic minority talent to thrive in research is a vital pillar of that programme.”

Theo Francis, co-founder and director of CORe, said: “Our mission is to be seen and heard in an industry we love, but where we are currently underrepresented.

“We stand firmly by the ethos that we are better together, and we are pleased to have the official endorsement of MRS for our network and look forward to combining our efforts to bring about meaningful change in the research industry.”

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