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The Need for Multicultural Developers in Market Research Design Grows - Podcast

by ThinkNow

Market research has traditionally been more reactive, “reinventing the wheel” with each new client request, resulting in new trackers and survey instruments. Extracting accurate multicultural insights from these methodologies are difficult to obtain, as most surveys aren’t designed to attract or engage ethnic audiences. Market researchers must include more multicultural developers in the research design and development process to solve this problem. Diversifying your team will help organically eliminate survey bias and add more culturally relevant perspectives to questionnaires and other data collection methods. Technology can also be used as a powerful tool to mine multicultural data and automate processes that create more consistent research workflows overtime.

This week on The New Mainstream podcast, Zontziry “Z” Johnson, VP of Customer Transformation at Zappi, discusses why automation is integral to developing market research consistency and the importance of including multicultural developers in market research design.


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