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What do white researchers need to hear? -USA panel discussion

The killing of African American George Floyd at the hands of police in Minneapolis in May 2020, triggered a global focus on the role of racism in our society and renewed demands that Black Lives Matter. Brands, countries, and individuals are reassessing their role in propagating systemic racism; asking whether they are – or can be – part of the solution. Many are finding that this process often requires confronting uncomfortable truths.

Inspired by a recent article in American Vogue titled “White People: Your Comfort Is Not Our Problem”, this session brings together professionals in the insights and research spaces who identify as Black, of African or Caribbean descent to speak frankly to the industry on their lived experiences as Black researchers in Europe and America. Hear how racism and discrimination impacts not just their personal lives but also regularly appears in the industry in two ways–as a professional of colour and in how the research is conducted.

“I encourage you to embrace the unpleasantness that will come from hearing these jarring truths from Black people and, rather than get defensive, leverage your own privilege to defend their right to speak publicly without consequences”, says writer Jenae Holloway at the end of her article. We encourage you to do the same and help make the insights and research industry a more inclusive space for brown and black professionals.


Panel Speakers:

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