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sign up to our mrx industry panel to participate in core research studies

As research professionals, we know that reliable data is what paves the way to effective and meaningful impact. We preach this message to our clients everyday and yet, when it comes to the issues we face in our own industry, ironically its the one thing we lack the most! 


Spotlight is our newly launched research team led by some of the industry's most experienced and disruptive minds. We are diving deep into the race issues that plague our industry but in order to do that WE NEED YOU!

Don't be a spectator - participate in the discussion and help us shed light on the truth behind the headlines!

GDPR: The data you share with us will be accessible only to those within the CORe Spotlight Team or working directly for the CORe Spotlight Team and will be used solely for the purposes of the research studies we are conducting. If you decide at any point that you would like to have your details removed from the database, simply contact

Thank you for signing up!

The Spotlight Team will get in touch with you soon.​

Until then please feel free check out the other initiatives we are working on.

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