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Applying Principles of Diversity and Inclusion to Market Research Work

Theo Francis, co-founder of Colour of Research (CORe) and ICG member and will be hosting an ICG webinar discussing the key principles, for better inclusion and diversity within market research work. He will be discussing;

  • The origin of CORe – Who we are and why it came to be

  • Key CORe initiatives – What we are doing to bring about more ethnic diversity in the research industry

  • Breaking down BAME – Why the term is so problematic

  • Redefining Nat-Rep – Demonstrating the pitfalls of traditional nat-rep sampling

  • Empathy vs Sympathy – Why the diversity of research teams' matters

  • Normalizing the conversation – Making race no longer a taboo subject.

Date: November 12th

11:00 am - 12:00 pm GMT

Cost: FREE

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